Data superpowers for
tomorrow’s FMCG brands.

Our Roots

FMCG data systems are not fit for purpose. Outdated, unclear and time-intensive. In a world where data power can be the difference between growth and death, that’s a big problem. Worse still, it’s hitting smaller brands even harder.

We believe every brand has a right to data power. We believe brands should be judged by the quality of their products, not the size of their data team. We believe suppliers, retailers and consumers will benefit from better data collaboration. We believe the future of retail is built on data, and we want to give great brands a stake in that future. We believe technology can break the megabrand monopoly on data power.

That’s why we built elm, the trusted all-in-one data tool for the FMCG industry. Designed by data experts, our technology automatically unlocks, unifies and visualises data from every sales account, and offers sector-specific insights and actions. Data superpowers for tomorrow’s FMCG brands.

Hear it from our users

Get the scoop from the brands using elm to make data driven decisions.

“Data can be a bit of a mystery for growing brands – you often lack the time or the team to get real value from your sales figures. But with elm, we’re identifying growth opportunities, saving time and taking effective company-wide actions.”

Ben Vear, Head of Sales, Minor Figures

“Like a lot of small brands, we didn’t have the expertise to turn our data into something really actionable. With elm, we get ready-made insight from our data, which saves us time and energy and drives our marketing strategy.”

Jeremy May, Co-Founder, Nice Drinks

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