Case studies


Kendamil is improving its ROS with elm

The brand: Kendamil

Since being developed six years ago, Kendamil’s award-winning infant formula has won the hearts of parents who value quality over price. As befits a manufacturer based i...


Enabling THIS to turn data into action

The brand: THIS

THIS is a young brand on a mission to put the world’s livestock into retirement through the creation of hyper-realistic meat alternatives that could fool any meat eater. The comp...


Huel is saving time and gaining insights with elm

The brand: Huel

Huel’s nutritionally complete meals in a bottle are a convenient, healthy and vegan alternative to sandwiches for busy consumers on the go. Founded in 2014, the c...

Nix & Kix

Nix & Kix is improving buyer relationships with elm data

The brand: Nix & Kix

Nix & Kix is a refreshing soft drinks company that makes fruity flavours with a bit of ‘zing’ (just the right amount of cayenne pepper). Its drinks are always free of...


KIND is supercharging its field team with elm data


The brand: KIND

KIND is on track to be the UK’s biggest healthy snacks brand. Originally founded in the US, where they’re now a $1.5bn business, KIND launched in the UK in 2015. In the last 6 years...


Clean Co drives promotional strategy with elm


The brand: CleanCo

CleanCo was started in 2019 by Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews and has rapidly grown to become the number 1 no and low alcohol spirit brand in grocery retail. They create authen...

Sauce Shop

Sauce Shop finds headspace with a scalable data solution

Sauce Shop

The brand: Sauce Shop

Sauce Shop is not only a brand of award-winning sauces - they’re also a food manufacturing business. Having launched in 2014 from their home kitchen, founders Jam...

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