Livia’s stays ahead of consumer trends with elm


The brand

Livia’s makes sweet treats that are better for you. Naturally gluten free, dairy free and vegan and always indulgent. They’ve been going for about five years and you’ll find them stocked by major retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as well as on Amazon.

We spoke to Jamie Hewitson, Commercial Director, about how elm is helping Livia make more informed decisions and stay ahead of customer shopping trends.

The problem

Time-intensive processes

“Every major retailer has their own portal where you can pull out all sorts of information. But the biggest challenge for us was getting out user friendly information that didn’t take hours to manipulate.

“When I came on board at Livia’s, I spent 3-4 days building an Excel spreadsheet to track sales. And then we were spending up to an hour and a half every Monday morning just updating our weekly sales data. It was never an easy start to the week.”

Missed growth opportunities

“There’s a ton of useful information buried in various retailer portals: Do we have our stocks in certain stores? Are we seeing a marked drop off on a particular product for no clear reason? Without elm, we were unable to see that data quickly and easily, which meant these issues could continue for a week or two and actually have quite a big long-term impact.”


Automated insights

“Elm gives us the ability to quickly manipulate the data to tell us what we need to see. We can quickly look at general performance and zoom into certain products or retailers. When it comes to e-commerce, being able to quickly track LTV and retention rates is really valuable.

“I typically have elm open most of the time on my computer, because it brings insight to almost any conversation – whether it’s around new product development or general product performance.”

“elm lets us capture things early and intervene. It’s designed to work in the way that a sales team at an FMCG company functions.”

Intuitive reporting for FMCG

“elm is designed to work in the way that a sales team at an FMCG company functions. We get updates on a Monday morning, we can see top line performance and we can also drill down by retailer, by SKU.

“Like a lot of brands, we’ve recently started investing fully in ecommerce. With elm, we already have a ton of insight to steer us on the right track and make sure our growth is sustainable – that we’re investing in the right places.

“With elm, we have access to key metrics in the language and the format that we need them. That means we can instantly use them to make decisions or even drop them directly into sales decks.”

“We’re just embarking on our ecommerce journey, and being able to very quickly track LTV and retention rates is really valuable.”

Smarter promotion strategy

“elm is helping us monitor promotions, too. Now, when we run a promotion, we can instantly see how it performed at a top line sales level. Elm gives us incrementality data, so we can see if our ranges are cannibalising each other when they’re on promotion. That then informs how we promote moving forward.”


– Livia’s is saving 2 hours a week on data update and manipulation

– Almost 50% of the business are now using data – up from less than 10%

Livia’s is on top of consumer trends

“The way consumers are shopping is changing rapidly. That’s because of lockdown, but also because of the broader shift to e-commerce and the rise of the likes of Amazon. With elm, it’s really easy to see what our trends are across every account. The data means we can invest confidently in what’s working, whether it’s a promotion, a particular product, or a new format.”

Data-backed actions

“elm lets us capture things early and intervene. If we get a Swing Store report that shows a problem store in London, I’ll message my field team to ask them to go into the store and fix whatever the problem is that’s causing.

“elm’s delivering us data that’s right first time, available immediately, presented intuitively, which is driving better decisions and results. I’m tracking all measures every week – including Rate of Sale – in more detail than I typically would.”

Time saved

“We just launched a new format, and I can instantly compare how it’s performing compare to the existing range. Setting up tracking on a new format would probably have taken a day in the past. With elm, it took five minutes to set up.”

“The way consumers are shopping is changing rapidly. With elm, it’s really easy to see what our trends are across every account.”



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