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Automated Data
Unlock your data in seconds

No more getting your spreadsheets in a twist
before that Monday meeting.
Buy yourself time
Time to ditch those spreadsheets. With elm, your sales reporting is automated, saving you valuable time and headspace.
Get FMCG-specific insights
elm is designed for the challenges faced by FMCG brands. Our tool takes you from extraction to action with sector-specific insights.
Tesco Toolkit, meet Shopify…
elm gets all your accounts on the same page, talking the same language.
Get the picture, warts and all
Visualise your data with elm’s custom-built dashboards.
Make data-driven moves
Elm uses your data to produce digestible action points.
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Track your marketing impact

Understand marketing ROI
Track how you and your competitors' brands are performing from awareness to preference and what that means for your marketing activity.
Beautiful dashboards
Instant access to your quarterly dip brand surveys in easy to read dashboards that deliver instant insight
Track your competition
Find out which brand attributes and category entry points influence your category’s buyers most.
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Syndicated ActionsField work, made easy

Say goodbye to large budget commitments, scatter-gun approaches, and manual ROI analysis.

elm's Syndicated Actions tool makes in-store interventions flexible, data-driven, and transparent.
You’re in great company
Data can be a bit of a mystery for growing brands – you often lack the time or the team to get real value from your sales figures. But with elm, we’re identifying growth opportunities, saving time and taking effective company-wide actions.”
Ben Vear, Head of Sales, Minor Figures
Elm’s simplicity means that everyone can use it, from people at Mars to our National Account Managers. We can log in and get visualisations which really quickly show us what we should be focusing on this week.”
Stuart Ball, Head of Category, KIND